7 Ways to Feel Less Awkward When Doing Science with Your Kids

Do you ever feel like this when you want to start a science experiment with your kids? I’ll admit, I still feel awkward when I say, “OK kids! It’s time to do science!”  It feels so forced and corny.

But there are so many benefits of starting an appreciation of science at home with your kids. Take for example reading. When you read to your kids, you instill an appreciation of reading in them. I love this quote below. It really sums it up for me. Don’t you think?

So here are 7 ways to get over the awkward part of starting science and get to the fun part of doing science with your kids!

  1. Involve food: The most natural way to have a science conversation is when it involves food. You start baking and then start asking your kids questions. Why does the bread rise? What does baking soda do? Make some bread and start a great science lesson!

2. Head out in nature: This was one of my favorite conversations with Allie was when we walked out in nature and made flower bracelets. I got the idea here. It really is amazing how much science is in your own backyard.

3. Make it magic: So many magic tricks involve science. This one is a lot of fun to do while waiting in a busy restaurant. The whole family can get involved!

4. Let go of your expectationsI remember one summer I wanted so badly to do an experiment I saw on Pinterest with my then 5 year old daughter. All she wanted to do was experiment with things that float in the pool. I let go of my expectations and watched her be her own scientist. Kids know how to do that better than we do!


5. Give them their own science kit: We give our kids doctor kits why not their own science kit? These are all dollar store items that can make countless experiments right at their fingertips.

6. Science in the car: Truth be told I can’t answer half the questions my kids come up with in the car. But when they do I turn it into a teachable moment. Like where does all the rain water go? How does it get there? How does a water tower work?

The answer? Science. BAM!

7. Read a book together: We adore reading these books at bedtime. I can’t wait to introduce you to the middle grade fiction chapter book I’m releasing this summer complete with a science girl hero! Stay tuned for more info soon!

I hope this helps you feel less awkward starting science with your kids. Once you get past the awkward turtle stage it really is a lot of fun to see science through your kids eyes! Good luck!

(Awkward Turtle Photo Credit Etsy)

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