Fishing for Ice


I have just found the easiest way to entertain kids while waiting at a busy restaurant. And I know this is short of a miracle because now you can entertain AND educate while you wait on your food.

All you need is a glass of ice water, salt, and a string.  Lay the string on top of the ice. Shake a little bit of salt on top of the ice and string. Count to 5 and voila! You’ve fished and caught ice!  We spent several minutes trying to see how many pieces of ice we could lift out of the water.

Check this out:

So how does this happen:

Salt lowers the freezing point of ice. When you shake a bit of salt on an ice cube it melts. Meanwhile the water in the string freezes and sticks to the ice. Simple science magic at it’s finest!

On a personal note:

We had an amazing fishing trip down to Rockport, TX. It brought back a lot of memories of fishing with my family as a kid and hanging out with friends.

Here is a picture of the sunrise when we snuck out super early to go fishing. All the kids were still asleep and needless to say it was quite peaceful.

redfish water pic

Then later in the week we fed the seagulls and Allie melted my heart when she said it was her favorite part of the trip. That’s my girl…


I hope you’re having an amazing summer! And you can thank me later when fishing for ice has given you some peace at a restaurant!


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