Science Bracelets and Sunscreen Advocates

science bracelets

When I do science with my kids they become their own little advocates of the topic. Like when we did the lamb seatbelt experiment, Allie became an advocate for bike helmet safety. Now after making our own UV light detecting bracelets, she’s become an advocate for wearing sunscreen!

I thought these bracelets would make AMAZING end of year class gifts to give to her friends AND they are less than $1/bracelet! The beads are made of UV light sensitive material so that when you go in the sun they change colors. What a great way to teach about how an invisible UV light will give you a sunburn!

Here’s what you need:

  • UV Changing Beads found here
  • Jelly cord found at Michaels here
  • If you want to get really fancy and add their names include these alphabet beads here

Here’s how you make the bracelets:

  • For kinder hands I strung 28 beads per bracelet
  • To tie off jelly cord I found a great You Tube instructional here
  • Try one on and test it out in the sun!
  • Add a bit of sunscreen to them and see what happens!


IMG_8056Here’s how you make them class presents… Add a tag:

I put a quick tag on the bracelets explaining the science behind UV light and class presents are complete! I’ve included the file below for you to print off for your class gifts.  How cute are these?!

–> Here are free tags for you to print <–


What’s next?

And of course as I’m writing this post I have so many late 90’s summer songs running through my head…”I want to soak up the sun… I’ve got my 45 on so I can rock on” – Sheryl Crow and and don’t forget Baz’s “Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen” commencement speech / song. But I digress…

So while I’m getting in the summer spirit and getting ready for many days of bored kiddos, I’m working on a Summer Science Bucket list for you so together we’ll wow them this summer with science! Until then… enjoy your UV bracelets and your new sunscreen advocates!

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