New Year Science Noise Makers

Can you believe it is almost 2018? Are you looking for a way to help the kids ring in the New Year long before midnight? Why not raid your craft supplies, make your own noisemakers, and learn a bit of science in the process?

We made two different noise makers as twirling the “buzzing bee” required hand eye coordination that my 4 year old doesn’t have yet… but blowing on a harmonica was right up his alley!

The First Noise Maker: The “Buzzing Bee”

What you need: one index card, tape, one craft stick, a wide rubber band, a piece of sticky backed foam (I used a foam letter “I”), 36″ string, and New Year stickers.

How to do it:

The Second Noise Maker: The DIY Harmonica

What you need: two craft sticks, a rubber band, an index card, and a toothpick

How you do it: (Important note: The toothpick should be underneath the paper strip on one side of the craft stick and on top of the paper strip on the opposite end of the craft stick.)

What’s the science?

In each noise maker the sound is coming from a vibration.  For the “Buzzing Bee” noisemaker the sound is from the vibration of the rubber band as the air passes over it.  The DIY Harmonica sound comes from the paper strip vibrating as you blow air over it.

Now this is the kind of noise that I could get used to… the sounds of science! Happy 2018! I hope you and your family have a fun one together!

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