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I am in denial. Here lately every time I go to the store I rush past all the back to school displays not wanting to admit that I need to get the kids ready for school. It’s like this every summer and I wait until the weekend before school starts to shop for clothes.

And every year I regret it.

So to save myself the heartache I decided to do a bit of online shopping and of course I start browsing the girl’s science apparel first!


Dear Cat and Jack,

You had me at hello.

We LOVE your empower girls with science clothing line! Heck I even own a Cat and Jack shirt for myself (although I’m not sure I can fit in it…eesh!) Here are a few of our favorites for back to school!

Old Navy

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at your science graphic tees!


Now, as much as I love science graphic tees for girls both Old Navy and Target could beef up there science for BOYS as well! Don’t forget these girls have brothers and cousins that can be scientists, engineers, and rocket scientists as well!

How are you doing with your back to school shopping? Are you still in denial like I am that summer is almost over?

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  • Agnes Steelhammer | August 14, 2017 | Reply

    You always have a very interesting page. Keep up the wonderful advice and fun ideas and clothing.

    • Tracy | August 16, 2017 | Reply

      Thanks Mom! You’ve always been such a huge supporter of She Loves Science – heck you were the original “she loves science” for me! Love you!

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