A Sweet Skittles Science Valentine

I’ll be honest, my mantra over the last few months has been keep it simple. So when I had left over Skittles from a science party, I decided I would figure out a way to make them class Valentines.  Slap on this easy printable to some individually wrapped Skittles and you’re done! The only challenge for the recipients of these Valentines will be not eating the Skittles before they get home to do science with them!

Here’s what you need: individually wrapped Skittles, this free printable, and a stapler.

Here’s the science:

Skittles are made of sugar and coloring which dissolves when it comes in contact with water. The coloring is the first to diffuse into the water. Try warm water next. Does it dissolve faster?

Isn’t this a fun experiment to shape into a heart and try? Now you’re all set for a unique and fun class Valentine! Enjoy!

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