Why am I starting this blog?

I am starting this blog to document a journey I want to have with my daughter Allie; an intentional conversation with her about how science touches every part of her life. I will be posting conversations, experiments, and videos to share how we experience science everyday. This is to to encourage her to keep asking questions about what makes the world tick. I hope she will fall in love with science like I did as a girl.

This blog will also be about telling her stories of women in science, from the ones who chose to retire and raise kids to those who have made amazing discoveries in their professional careers. She needs role models – we all do – our big sisters who encourage us and inspire us to be bigger than what we believe we can be. I have asked several friends of mine who are women scientists and engineers, to share their stories with us. These women did not have it easy and more than likely faced a lot of push back from people in their lives. This blog will be about showing her to follow her dreams, even if it is a road less traveled by women.

This journey is to keep her believing that as long as she works hard over time, she will have unlimited opportunities. This is also about inspiring and encouraging her. I never want someone else’s words to limit the potential of my daughter. Most importantly I don’t want her own words to limit her potential.

If you can imagine it – you can achieve it.

If you can dream it – you can become it.

This blog is for my mom because she showed me how to love science in her nurturing way.

This blog is for my daughter who has only just begun to understand what her full potential could be…

So… here we go!

 E is for Engineer

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