Carpool Science: “Why do clouds come out of cars?”

exhaustWhere do most of your deep conversations happen with your kids?  Mine tend to be in the car on the way to school and on this particular day, in the carpool line.

Allie asked, “Mommy, I have been seeing clouds coming out of the cars. What is that?”

I told her that it is car exhaust and it comes from the gasoline fuel being burned inside the car.   I explained that this is the result of a chemical reaction in the car engine to help it go.   When we got home I found this nifty video for kids that explains the inner science of a car engine.  (For reference they call gasoline petrol which is short for petroleum.) She thought this video was pretty cool.

What are some of the questions you get in carpool?  Maybe I can help you answer them with science?  Leave a question on my Contact page or post a question on Facebook here.

Have a great three day weekend everybody!

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