STEM Women Speaker Series

lscHave you heard that encouraging your girls to play with Legos and building blocks will help her develop her skills in science?  Perhaps you’ve already bought her a few Lego sets and even enrolled her in a summer science camp. The great news is that little girls love science because of the excitement of discovering something new.

But when your little girl today grows up and starts applying to colleges tomorrow will she choose a science and engineering career path? A majority of girls say that want a career that will help other people and ultimately change the world. Besides, isn’t Howard Wolowitz on Big Bang Theory an engineer? Engineering sounds so boring and far from an amazing world-changing career, right?

Recently, I was invited to share my journey at an event for students wanting to learn more about careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). The event had many amazing female speakers who inspired me with their stories as well!


I spoke to the students about:

  • why I chose engineering
  • what an engineer is
  • how to succeed in college
  • why I believe that engineers are changing the world

It is my firm belief that a little girl out there needs to be encouraged to at least consider engineering as an exciting career path. She could use her artistic creativity to think outside the box and one day use that creativity to solve our world’s most challenging problems.

And consider this… perhaps that little girl is your daughter.

I encourage you to listen to my talk below with her.  Let her know there are women out there in these fields and that they want to encourage her on that path to change our world.

No one said solving the world’s problems would be easy, but who better to do it than us girls?


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